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Grand CyberHammer

Grand CyberHammer

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Impact tuning hammer for grand pianos.


Nickel-chrome plated solid brass weight, protects against corrosion. Two weights @ 6 oz (170g) each.

Cocobolo Rosewood with a high gloss epoxy finish - or your Custom choice of wood. Inside- a stronger and lighter than steel 7075 aluminum alloy spine.
The sculpted 'extension' reduces dead weight and hand fatigue while riding on sealed bronze bearings for worry-free maintenance. A concave end engages more of the tip's threads without interfering with the pin.
Each Grand CyberHammer includes these accessories:
1. Tip extender for reaching hard-to-get pins.
2. 2x Weight Risers for tight pins
Equipped with Taffijn #2 tip. Standard 30tpi fits Watanabe, Schaff, Hale etc...

A note on figured woods:
We work work with a number of gorgeous wood figures from burl to birdseye, curly/tiger/flame pattern, spalted, and other fun things trees decide to do with their grain. We promise it's going to be amazing!

If you have specific grain requirement within a wood species, you MUST select the Custom option. As always, feel free to contact us to see what we have going. We're sure to get you something you love.

Just so you know:


Listed prices generally cover cost, however some custom orders may require an additional balance charge before production. Our turnaround time on special orders is generally 6-8 weeks. This time can be longer if we need to, as an example, kiln dry specified wood.

Rosewood Grand CyberHammers are returnable with a 15% restocking fee. Other woods are not returnable.

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