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Full Rigid - Walnut Live Edge

Full Rigid - Walnut Live Edge

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Specs - SN R74163 Figured Walnut, crotch figure with stone inclusion, live edge, silver pearl clear, African Blackwood

There’s no surprise Walnut is a top tool handle wood. It’s lightweight, strong, and resistant. When deeply finished, the grain is one of the most holographic.

This Walnut handle started life on the far side of my stack of blanks, then spent a few years in the “Probably Nope” pile. It had great color and figure, but that edge would end up in the handle no matter how I set it up, and it had a fissure which would be challenging to work with. Then it caught my eye for a deep pour epoxy project. 

Unexpectedly, within the fissure is unexpected natural stone inclusion. It chewed through my cutting tools on the lathe, but the subtle show it puts on is worth it.

I choose a pearlescent silver as an offset color to fill out the live edge on the Ball and structurally seal the deep fissure toward the front. With a light mix, the effect lets you see deeply into the silver mist all the way down to the wood rather than the “bowling ball” look. It’s a truly multi dimensional effect that no picture can capture.

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