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Full Rigid - Spalted Curly Maple 12.5”

Full Rigid - Spalted Curly Maple 12.5”

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Specs - SN R74240. Michigan Sugar Maple spalted heavy curl + African Blackwood. Gloss Finish. Full Rigid profile 12.5” length.

Sugar Maple is one of the most important woods for North American pianos. Used in bridges, action parts, and rims, to name just a few places you’ll find it, it’s one of the best structural woods in the world. This piece makes a compromise from the straight grain patterns preferred in a hammer shank and achieves extreme beauty. The wood originally grew as a “Curly”, “Flame”, or “Tiger” grain, which moves like silk under water as light plays over its surface. The distinct vein pattern is caused by the spalting process, also variating the color tone across grain lines.

This Full Rigid is a 12.5” length, ever so slightly moderating the reach and making it a touch more accessible than the standard. 

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