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Reyburn Tools



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  • Holds your iPhone or iPod exactly where you want it for optimal CyberTuner viewing.
  • Easily adjust to the best ergonomic viewing position.
  • Small and lightweight, compact in your tuning kit.
  • Sizes itself to fit practically any iPhone or iPod touch .
  • Quickly attaches and detaches from your handheld device.
  • Fits on a tuning pin or use as a stand-alone tripod.
  • Rounded end flexible plastic clips hold the device gently yet firmly.
  • Plastic pin at the bottom holds the device from slipping down.
  • Protects your investment; helps prevent damage due to dropping.

    Use as an adjustable tripod (any angle). Set almost anywhere on the piano since the rubber and Delrin plastic won't scratch either piano or your device.

    Place the stand on a convenient tuning pin on either vertical or grand piano. Position the angle and orientation for easiest viewing. Rotate the stand and iRCT software rotates to match.
    The Reyburn CyberStand fits any iRCT-capable iPhone or iPod touch from iPhone 4 to "Plus" size iPhones such as 6+/7+/8+. CyberStand includes modification kit for "Plus" size iPhones.

    Some very thin devices such as an iPod touch may need a case to properly fit.

    To install the CyberStand on your device, first wrap the left (smaller) side onto the left side of the device back. Then grab the protrusion in the middle of the right (larger) side and stretch onto the right side of the device.

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