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CyberHammer Extension Kit

CyberHammer Extension Kit

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A spare extension for your CyberHammer. Fit options for all Balance Drive CyberHammers.

An extra extension on hand allows you to carry multiple tuning tips in different lengths and sizes installed and ready to swap. 

The Extension Kit is adjustable for a perfect fit!


Please contact us if you have any questions about which option to order.

Balance Drive II option is for current 800 Series CyberHammers. 

Universal option is a Balance Drive II, also including bearing sets compatible with 700 Series CyberHammers, 200 Series CyberHammers, and Grand CyberHammers (Balance Drive equipped).

Jahn option is a Balance Drive II for 800 CyberHammers, specifically set to accept a Jahn 10x1mm thread. Note that this setup with a typical Jahn tip will be longer than the standard setup.


Is my CyberHammer a "Balance Drive" model?

All CyberHammers have one of two basic drive styles: Legacy and Balance Drive. Check the back to easily tell which you have. The back is the side toward the user, and away from the tuning tip/pin.

The Legacy style uses a 'C' clip on the back to secure the mechanism.

The Balance Drive uses a screw on the back to secure the mechanism.

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