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Custom Rigid

Custom Rigid

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We love working directly with you to make a Rigid like no other, made to your tastes. We've done some fun stuff.

Custom options like size/shape/wood/finish, engraving, and matching sets are just some starter ideas. There's nobody quite like you. Why use the same tool as everyone else?


Just so you know:

You MUST contact us when ordering custom. 

Listed prices generally cover cost, however some custom orders may require an additional balance charge before production. Our turnaround time on custom orders is generally 6-8 weeks. This time can be longer if we need to, as an example, kiln dry specified wood.

Custom orders are not returnable. 


Full Rigid


The Full Rigid takes full advantage of it’s design features. An uncompromising thirteen inches (33 cm) of length gives you maximum resolution and leverage to manipulate the tuning pin. The 2.5 inch (65mm) diameter ball fills the entire palm.


Classic Rigid

The Classic Rigid is eleven inches (28 cm) in length with a 2.25 inch (5.75cm) ball. It’s ideally suited for bringing the advantages of the Rigid platform to smaller body/hand types and technicians used to shorter levers.


Micro Rigid

Under 7” total length with a hollow storage area, this pocket size Rigid is ready to go anywhere you are.

TSA carry on tool size info



Still don't see what you're looking for? Want a full set? Need us to walk you through the options? Let us know.

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