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Custom Keypounder

Custom Keypounder

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Another great example of Reyburn style tool design. Most key pounder styles leave the wrist in an awkward position and make accurately striking the desired key difficult.

The egg shape fits nicely in the hand while the finger sized lead-free bronze is just enough mass for an effortless mf blow, while acting as a mass shock absorber with fff test blows. We’re using an easy clean, easy replace, non marking neoprene cover to contact the keytop.

Take the stress of your hand and wrist or simply break up the damaging repetition with a beautiful Reyburn KeyPounder.


Keypounders come with a couple spare covers but check out Extras if you need more. 



Custom options available including size/shape/wood/finish, etc. You MUST contact us when ordering. 

Listed prices generally cover cost, however some custom orders may require an additional balance charge before production. Our turnaround time on special orders is generally 6-8 weeks. This time can be longer if we need to, as an example, kiln dry specified wood. Custom tools are not returnable.


A note on figured woods:
We work work with a number of gorgeous wood figures from burl to birdseye, curly/tiger/flame pattern, spalted, and other fun things trees decide to do with their grain. We promise it's going to be amazing!

If you have specific grain requirement within a wood species, you MUST select the Custom option. As always, feel free to contact us to see what we have going. We're sure to get you something you love.

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