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800 Series CyberHammer

800 Series CyberHammer

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The 800 Series CyberHammer is the result of twenty years of hard re-engineering and daily use of the impact tuning hammer. It's the lightest, strongest, smoothest, and easiest CyberHammer to use and maintenance ever. 

Key features

Redesigned Head - We've departed from the original concept of designing the tool around extruded round stock metal. Instead, a 5 axis CNC machined shape slopes to meet the extension. It's a comfortable, beautiful, sleekly modern look and feel.

Adjustable Extension - New adjustable Extension lets you dial in an Extension to match a Head or compensate for wear. Additional Extensions can be kept on hand preset with different size or length tips and changed out quickly to match a piano need. 

Shaft - Our first carbon fiber shaft on a CyberHammer! We've let our experience designing the Rigid Lever synergize with the CyberHammer. The result is lighter and stronger than anything we've ever made.

Lightweight Materials - Strong as steel 7075-T651 anodized aluminum alloy head and extension saves weight where it provides no extra mechanical advantage. 

Dual Bearing system - The 800 Series CyberHammer uses PEEK bearings on both ends of the Extension. It's a polymer with near bronze hardness also used in applications like knee replacements.

Fit & Finish - The small things add up. Hand buffed nickel plated brass weight, beautiful woods and finishing, the coved extension that makes it just a little lighter and more comfortable to get closer to the pin.

 Ready to Tune - All 800 Series come with a #2 Taffijn tuning tip installed. Other setups can be arranged if needed.


A note on figured woods:
We work work with a number of gorgeous wood figures from burl to birdseye, curly/tiger/flame pattern, spalted, and other fun things trees decide to do with their grain. We promise it's going to be amazing!

If you have specific grain requirement within a wood species, you MUST select the Custom option. As always, feel free to contact us to see what we have going. We're sure to get you something you love.

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