Why Grand Impact Tuning?

Rigid Lever
Grand Hammer
Key Pounder
Perfect balance for Grand pianos
Clears rim and stretcher for most notes.
Sitting grip
Standing grip

Better for your body, tuning, life, and business.

Our Grand CyberHammer impact lever is designed specifically for tuning Grand Pianos.

Do you tune mostly Grands, but have pain in your shoulder, neck or or back?

Do you prefer impact tuning on vertical pianos but often tune grand pianos?

Our impact lever is for you! Impact levers use wrist and forearm control instead of upper-body strength to move the tuning pin.

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The new Grand Hammer is perfectly balanced for horizontal use and specifcally designed to give you intimate impact feel, similar to our impact hammer on for vertical pianos.

Two identical handles with nickel plated solid brass weights project upward at a 30 degree angle to avoid the stretcher and rim. This allows you to tune all the way from the lowest A to C-88 on all grands with the included tip extender (not pictured). The tip extender provides clearance for notes close to the end on some pianos.

For more information on impact tuning in general which applies to both grand and vertical pianos, see the Why Impact Tuning? page.